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Abstract ID Assigned Presentation Mode Abstract Title Presenting Author Presenting Author Affiliation
PALSEA-A-0001 Oral Modeling Coral Reef Terraces: The Last Interglacial At Cape Laundi (Sumba Island, Indonesia) Denovan Chauveau Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
PALSEA-A-0002 Oral Stratigraphical Evidence for Glacial-interglacial Sea-level Changes in the Indian Ocean: Projection to the Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayake Uva Wellassa University
PALSEA-A-0003 Poster Estimation of Past and Future Mass Balance of Glaciers of Sikkim Himalaya Using Energy Balance Modelling Approach and Regional Climatic Projections Anubha Aggarwal Delhi Technological University
PALSEA-A-0004 Oral Submerged Saltpans: a Novel Geo-archaeology Method for Tracking Last Two Thousand Years Sea-levels, a Test Case from Dalmatia, Croatia Dorit Sivan Maritime Civilizations Dept. University of Haifa
PALSEA-A-0005 Poster Multiproxy Analysis of Paleotsunami Deposits in Kutoarjo, Purworejo, South Java, Indonesia: Sedimentology, Geochemistry and Diatom Analysis Rikza Nur Faqih An Nahar Sumatera Institute of Technology
PALSEA-A-0006 Oral Impacts of Relative Sea Level Change on Past and Future Arctic Subsea Permafrost Roger Creel Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory; Columbia University
PALSEA-A-0007 Oral Meter-scale Sea Level Marker Offset Due to Glacially Triggered Faulting in Arctic Canada Holger Steffen Lantmäteriet
PALSEA-A-0008 Oral Common Era Sea-level Change in North America Jennifer Walker Rutgers University
PALSEA-A-0009 Oral Effect Of Earth Rheology on Sea-Level Change: Compressible vs. Incompressible Rebekka Steffen Lantmäteriet
PALSEA-A-0010 Oral Constraining 3d Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Models with Holocene Relative Sea-level Data: Lesson Learned from the Arctic Tanghua Li Earth Observatory of Singapore
PALSEA-A-0011 Oral Deglacial Relative Sea-Level Predictions in Near Field, Peripheral and Far Field: Insights from 1D and 3D GIA Models Meike Bagge GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
PALSEA-A-0012 Oral Tidal Forcing and Sea Level History in the Deglaciation of the Gulf of St. Lawrence Jesse Velay-Vitow Universoty of Toronto
PALSEA-A-0013 Poster Reconstructing the Coastal Evolution of a Late - Holocene Mangrove Environment in Jurong Lake, Singapore Yudhishthra Nathan Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0014 Poster Constraining Late Holocene Relative Sea-level Changes in the Far-field Location of Singapore Christabel Tan Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0015 Oral Drivers of Late Holocene Sea-Level Change in Southern New Zealand Ed Garrett University of York
PALSEA-A-0016 Poster Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Tropical Precipitation During Monsoon Cold Surges in Singapore: Application of 17o-excess as a New Tracer Yilin Zhang Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
PALSEA-A-0017 Oral Extending Instrumental Sea-level Records Using Coral Microatolls Majewski Marcin Earth Observatory of Singapore
PALSEA-A-0018 Poster Holocene sea-level change in the southwestern Atlantic: A standardized database Karla Zurisadai Rubio Sandoval MARUM, Bremen University
PALSEA-A-0020 Poster Investigation of an Ongoing Sequence of Coral Microatoll Diedowns in Singapore (2020–2024?) Aron J Meltzner Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0021 Oral Implications Of Anomalous Relative Sea-Level Rise In The Western Pacific Ocean Juliet Sefton Tufts University/Monash University
PALSEA-A-0022 Oral Scale-invariant Flow of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and Implications for Inferring Past and Future Stability Nick Golledge Victoria University of Wellington
PALSEA-A-0023 Poster Removing Tectonics-induced Signals from Holocene Sea-level Records Using Finite Element Models Weilun Qin Delft University of Technology
PALSEA-A-0024 Oral Global Temperature and Sea-level Change Over the Last 4.5 Myr Jeremy Shakun Boston College
PALSEA-A-0025 Poster Paleo Sea Level Plotting and Report Generator Evan James Gowan Kumamoto University
PALSEA-A-0026 Oral Constraining Paleo Sea-level Through Inversion of Marine Terraces Gino De Gelder ISTerre, CNRS, UMR 5275, Université de Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble
PALSEA-A-0027 Poster Seashells on the Mountaintop – High-elevation Holocene Waterspout Sediments at Langkawi Islands, Malaysia Miklos Kazmer Eotvos University, Budapest
PALSEA-A-0028 Oral Mid-brunhes Transition Caused by Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting During Mis11c Xu Zhang Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS
PALSEA-A-0029 Poster Mid- to Late-Holocene Sea-Level Reconstruction from Coral Microatolls on Pulau Tekukor, Singapore Nurul Syafiqah Tan Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0030 Poster Structure-from-Motion Digital Surface Models for Investigation of Coral Microatoll Surface Morphology, toward Relative Sea-Level Reconstructions Nurul Syafiqah Tan Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0031 Poster Regional Sea-level Change of the 20th to 21st Century in Southeast Asia Trina Ng Centre for Climate Research Singapore / Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0032 Invited Oral Open Data and Open Questions: Challenges in Holocene Sea Levels Nicole Khan Department of Earth Sciences and Swire Institute of Marine Science, University of Hong Kong
PALSEA-A-0033 Poster Surface Deformation and Fault Kinematics Deduced from Uplifted Marine Terraces in NW Luzon, Philippines Yiran Wang Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0034 Invited Oral North American Ice Sheet Evolution Over the Last Glacial Cycle: Data and Preliminary Data-model Comparisons April S Dalton Memorial University of Newfoundland
PALSEA-A-0035 Poster Database of Holocene Relative Sea-level Data from Mid-Pacific Ocean Islands Fangyi Tan Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0036 Poster Late Holocene Relative Sea-level Changes from Coral Microatolls in Sentosa, Singapore Fangyi Tan Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0037 Poster Coral Evidence for Mid-Holocene Sea-level Rise and an Abrupt Uplift at Badoc (Ilocos Norte) and Cabugao (Ilocos Sur), Philippines Aron J Meltzner Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0038 Poster A Non-Invasive Method to Determine Live Coral Microatoll Growth Rates Using Three-Dimensional Models Lucas Koh Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0039 Poster Using Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry to Quantify Growth Histories of Living Coral Microatolls on St. John’s Island, Singapore Khai Ken Leoh Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0040 Poster Sea-level Markers Preserved in a Late Holocene Beach Ridge System on Phra Thong Island, Thailand Rahul Kumar Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0041 Poster A Deep-learning Based Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Sea-level Emulator Yucheng Lin Department of Geography, Durham University
PALSEA-A-0042 Oral The Influence of Rock Uplift Rate on Marine Terraces in Numerical and Real Landscapes Luca Malatesta GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
PALSEA-A-0043 Oral Relative sea level response to mixed carbonate-siliciclastic sediment loading along the Great Barrier Reef margin Yucheng Lin Department of Geography, Durham University
PALSEA-A-0044 Oral Geological and Instrumental Records of Relative Sea-Level Changes in Singapore Timothy Shaw Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0045 Oral Tectonic Uplift and Subsidence Inferred from Coral Archives of Relative Sea Level in Balaoan, La Union, Philippines Gina Sarkawi Earth Observatory of Singapore NTU
PALSEA-A-0046 Oral Reconstructing Glacial Isostatic Adjustment In The North Sea Region During The Last Interglacial To Better Constrain Rates Of Ice-sheet Melt Oliver Pollard University of Leeds
PALSEA-A-0047 Oral Constraining Rates of Antarctic Contribution to Last Interglacial Relative Sea-level Change in Sediment Cores from Northwest Europe: Furthering Understanding of the Response of Ice Sheets to Warm Climates. Graham Rush University of Leeds
PALSEA-A-0048 Poster Relative Sea-level Reconstruction for the Ythan Estuary, Eastern Scotland, and Implications for the Cause of the 8.2 Ka Climate Event Graham Rush University of Leeds
PALSEA-A-0049 Oral Regional Vs. Site-specific Sea-level Reconstruction Along the South African Coastline Using Salt Marsh Foraminifera as Proxies Lauren Pretorius University of KwaZulu-Natal
PALSEA-A-0050 Oral Reduced Magnitude of the Onset of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation During the Early Pleistocene Georgia Grant GNS Science
PALSEA-A-0051 Poster Tropical Beach Ridges as the Paleo-environmental Archive Abang Nugraha Earth Observatory of Singapore
PALSEA-A-0052 Oral Tidal Corrections for Paleo Seal-level Data Volker Klemann GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany
PALSEA-A-0053 Poster The Role of Enso in Tropical South American Precipitation Trends Over the Mid-to-late Holocene Minn Lin Wong Earth Observatory Singapore
PALSEA-A-0054 Poster Interactive Simulator of Coral Growth in Response to Sea-level Change Using a General-purpose 3d Graphics Software Junki Komori Earth Observation of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0055 Oral The Adjoint Method and GIA: Improving Our Understanding of Observational Sensitivities to Earth Structure and First Steps Towards Imaging 3D Mantle Viscosity Andrew Lloyd Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
PALSEA-A-0056 Poster An Inverse Approach to Quantify Relative Sea Level from Marine Terraces Jennifer Quye-Sawyer Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0057 Oral Ground-penetrating Radar Evidence for Relative Sea-level Oscillations Across the Northern Antarctic Peninsula Alexander Simms University of California Santa Barbara
PALSEA-A-0058 Poster Investigating the Roles of Relative Sea-level Change and Glacio-isostatic Adjustment on the Retreat of a Marine Based Ice Stream in Nw Scotland Alexander Simms University of California Santa Barbara
PALSEA-A-0059 Poster 3D Morphology of Coral Microatolls at Pulau Semakau, Singapore Lin Thu Aung Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0060 Poster Chinese Interstadials Recorded by a Highly Precisely Dated Stalagmite from the Edge of the East Asian Monsoon System During the MIS 4/3 Transition Wei Jia Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0061 Poster Coastal Response to Early to Mid-Holocene Sea-level Change: a Case Study from the Kallang River, Singapore Stephen Chua Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0062 Poster Mid-Holocene Relative Sea-level Changes from Coral Microatolls on Lazarus Island, Singapore Jireh Teo Nanyang Technological University
PALSEA-A-0063 Oral Resolving Gia and Its Impact on Marine Grounded Ice in West Antarctica and Global Sea Levels Natalya Gomez McGill University
PALSEA-A-0064 Invited Oral Low Latitude Climate Induced Antarctic Melting Revealed from Far-filed Sea Level Records and Near-filed Meteoric Cosmogenic Nuclides in Sediments Yusuke Yokoyama Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
PALSEA-A-0065 Poster Revisiting Paleo Sea Level Records in Western North America: Implications for Cordilleran Ice Sheet History Karen Simon Delft University of Technology
PALSEA-A-0066 Oral A Fully Coupled 3D GIA - Ice Dynamical Model To Simulate The Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution Caroline Van Calcar Technical University of Delft & University of Utrecht
PALSEA-A-0067 Oral Coral Reef Terraces as Relative Sea-level Indicators in Southeast Asia: Records from the Philippines Kathrine Maxwell Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research
PALSEA-A-0068 Poster Geomorphological records of sea level change from the sandy coast of the tropical Asia. Adam Switzer Earth Observatory of Singapore
PALSEA-A-0069 Invited Oral The Many Possible Faces of Antarctica in the Warm Pliocene: How Much Can We Constrain Modelling Uncertainties with Palaeodata? Tamsin Edwards King's College London
PALSEA-A-0070 Poster Relative Sea-level Changes in Southeastern Australia Over the 19th and 20th Centuries Sophie Williams Durham University/ University of York
PALSEA-A-0071 Poster The Significance of Vertical Land Movements at Convergent Plate Boundaries in Probabilistic Sea-level Projections for Ar6 Scenarios: the New Zealand Case. Richard Levy GNS Science